Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre has been helping playwrights create new work in New York City since 2005. 6 Nights, our premiere, was a commission to six cutting-edge playwrights (Lisa D’Amour, Sheila Callaghan, Jason Grote, Sung Rno, Kia Corthron, Caridad Svich) to make new pieces written for their choice of specific sites in NYC; the result, directed by five directors (Sarah Benson, Anne Kaufman, Liesl Tommy, Kip Fagan, and Lear DeBessonet), was a sold-out one-of-a-kind experience. Food for Fish by Adam Szymkowicz world-premiered Adam’s quirky new comedy to rousing responses from the NY Times, & New Yorker Magazine. A New Theory of Vision by Bob Jude Ferrante experimented with digital projection-as-set, continuing our critical acclaim with great reviews from BackStage and We Are Now combined comedy, live music, and an immersive staging, purpose-built by the company working closely with a playwright. 912OZ dealt with the trauma of 911 as if in fever dream, and despite us keeping critics out, some snuck in and loved it. And we’re only getting started.


We Are Now

A New Theory of Vision
Food for Fish
Sweet Cantatas
6 Nights

Presentations & Co-Productions

“Cock Tales” Staged Reading
Sanctuary Sneak Peek #1
[You Are Here] Prototype Night of Hype
A Night of Unholy One-Acts
Cafe Antarsia (with Here)
Stanley (with Here/Chashama)
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (with One-Armed Man)