Playwrights who have participated in several labs, and whose work is simpatico with the company’s goals, join NextStage. This program gives playwrights open access to all the resources of our company:

  • Come watch actors perform the works of other writers, and listen to critiques in labs
  • Don’t submit your work, just bring it! NextStage Playwright bring any work in to the labs, no matter how short or in-progress.
  • You can build a play start-to-finish, working with your actors and production team
  • The company fosters new works specifically tuned to projects with the acting company
  • We can schedule weekend workshops to help you do longer-form work, and public readings of your work

We read several new pieces every month, and are constantly accepting new plays to read. Playwrights can send their work to We ask that you include a professional resume along with your play.

Our Core Artists will then read your play and get back to you promptly.